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This is a writing meme that a friend posted. o.O Dunno where she got it from, but I decided to join in. I'm going to include a blank version of the questions for those who want to post them to their own LJs or whatever.

1. Do you outline?
I usually try to, especially if it's going to be a multi-chaptered project. For Chronicles, I didn't have an outline at first but once I finally outlined and got the ideas in to an order, things were a lot easier.

2. Do you write straight through, or do you sometimes tackle the scenes out of order?
Usually I write straight through, but I think I'm kind of making an exception (acception? o.O My brain isn't working properly, which is it?) because of that prompt community I joined and...well, what I'm hoping is that if I can write scenes using those prompts and the same characters, there'll be enough scenes that I like and can piece together to fit in to one big story.

3. Do you prefer writing with a pen or using a computer?
Depends on where I am. I don't mind writing by hand (in fact, I was writing Chronicles by hand and typing it up every few pages), and it works best for when I have class and am bored/need something to distract me. My laptop is SUPPOSED to be strictly for writing, so I need to get in to doing that.

4. Do you prefer writing in first person or third?
Depends on the story. Sometimes I'll just get the feeling that it needs to be in third person, and sometimes I'll get the feeling that it should be in first. For Chronicles, I kind of got the feeling that it needed to be in first, and not even because I decided it was going to be a memoir of sorts- in fact, it wasn't until later that it was kind of like a memoir. But generally I usually write in third person.

5. Do you listen to music while you write?
Sometimes, but I haven't in a really long time.

6. How do you come up with the perfect names for your characters?
Mmm...I don't know. I've come to rely on a lot, and also on "unique baby names" sites.

7. When you're writing, do you ever imagine your story as a television show or movie?

8. Have you ever had a character insist on doing something you really didn't want him/her to do?
Umm...o_O I don't think so.

9. Do you know how a story is going to end when you start it?
Sometimes. o_O

10. Where do you write?
Mmm...well, when I was working on Chronicles there was a long time where I'd lay in bed and write during the commercials. I would also (and still do) sit in my living room with my stuff for it and have the tv on so I could write during the commercials, which is pretty much what I do now. o.o

11. What do you do when you get writer's block?
Umm...I dunno. o.O I mean, I've gotten it before but like...I don't think I really do anything, other than maybe still try to write, and make a post in my LJ about the fact that I have writer's block.

12. What size increments do you write in (either in terms of wordcount, or as a percentage of the fic as a whole)?
Umm. I usually don't pay attention to that. o_O I usually just write until I have to go do something else or get too tired or something.

13. How many different drafts did you write for your last project?
There's only one draft in existance, and it's unfinished.

14. Have you ever changed a character's name midway through a draft?
Nope, I don't think so.

15. Do you let anyone read your story while you're working on it, or do you wait until you've completed a draft before letting someone else see it?
I've posted chapters and/or excerpts of stuff in my LJ/the LJ for Chronicles before in order to get some feedback while I'm writing, but I prefer not to go back and apply those critiques to what's written until after I finish writing it...o.O if that makes sense.

16. What do you do to celebrate when you finish a draft?
-Sighs- hasn't happened yet. Which is really stupid because I was only a chapter away.

17. One project at a time, or multiple projects at once?
I've tried multiple projects at once, and it just ultimately screwed me over. So when I started on Chronicles, I would only work on one thing and there were occasional things I wrote (a fan fic, along with the few things I had to write for my creative writing class), and it worked really well.

18. Do your stories grow or shrink in revision?
I haven't really revised anything. >.>

19. Do you have any writing or critique partners? people on LJ who want to read my writing count? Along with the people who read my writing at YWS and other boards...but I don't have specific partners, although I'm SUPPOSED to have a writing partner to co-write with...but I'm not even sure if that's happening any more.

20. Do you prefer drafting or revising?
Drafting. o.O

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