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About the Community
Welcome to inspiredwriters. This community was created to do three main things:
  1. To provide a place for people to ask questions related to writing or a specific genre.

  2. To provide a place to help get the creative juices flowing.

  3. To have fun and just write!
~We are open to pretty much any genre of writing, other than fan fiction. This is because fan fiction can get a little too controversial (not that other genres aren't controversial, but fan fiction seems to be a big topic that causes arguments).

~What you'll find here are prompts in order to keep the community active. You'll also find that you'll be allowed to ask questions about writing. The main thing the community is meant to do is help authors with their plot ideas. If you're unsure if a plot idea will work, ask.

~Please note that while we do allow all genres outside of fan fiction, we strongly emphasize fantasy fiction. What we mean by "fantasy fiction" is stories with elves, kingdoms, realms, all of that kind of stuff. We do not in any way mean "sexual fantasies."
Community Rules
1. Absolutely no bashing of people's writing or ideas will be tolerated!
There are going to be many people in this community who will have various levels of experience. This does not make your writing any better or worse than someone elses. The whole point of the community is for writers to help writers.

2. Plagiarizing in any form is NOT acceptable!
This should be fairly obvious. Just remember- if you don't want your work copied by others, do others the same courtesy and don't copy theirs.

3. Sharing your writing is allowed. However, PLEASE put it under an LJ cut!

4. When posting your writing, please try to follow this format, or at least something similar to it:

5. Introductions are allowed and encouraged. However, we ask that you try and follow the following format when introducing yourself. Please note that it's completely optional.

6. The only advertising allowed is if whatever you're advertising is related to writing. We will have a post dedicated specifically to writing related web sites where you can comment and suggest a link. This, outside of your introduction, is the only place you should really be advertising, unless you ask permission of one of the mods.

7. All controversial material (things related to sex, violence, ranging in the PG-13 to R area) should be placed under an LJ cut. If a post with this kind of material is not placed under an LJ cut, you will be given a warning by one of the moderators. If you do not place it under an LJ cut within 24 hours from the mod's notice, the post will be deleted.

8. Critiques should ALWAYS be constructive, and should be meant to help the writer.

9. If you plan on someday publishing the writing you post here, it is strongly recommended that you friends lock the entry. There is no 100% positive way of making sure your ideas and writing will not be stolen but if the entry is friends locked, it is less likely random people will see the posts and steal your ideas.

10. All writing posted to this community belongs to their respective owners. If a plot bunny idea is given by a member, it is with the understanding that other writers may use that idea toward their own writing.

11. We reserve the right to add on to or change these rules at any time without notice.

Your moderators are jediknightmuse (Danielle) and naodrith (Caitlin).
Affiliates & Links

creativefantasy- a community for authors who write in the fantasy genre to find beta readers for their writing, or offer to be a beta reader. Discussion of fantasy and writing in general are in the community but beta reading is the main point of it.

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